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Vedic Himalayan Green Tea Naturally Detox Your Body

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The sweetness of the first sip is followed by mint, mixed with various herbs and spices - a reminder of the flavors of India. Handpicked by artisans from the finest tea gardens, this bittersweet brew is best enjoyed with a bowl of freshly-made salad.

15 Teabags/box


Green tea, Turmeric, Cardamom, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Peppermint, Stevia.

Brewing Instructions

1. Place the tea bag in a cup.

2. Add 200ml / 7oz hot water. (85-95ºC)

3. Let the bag sit in hot water for 3-4 mins.

4. Remove the bag from the cup.


A. Helps with weight loss

B. Reduces the risk of high blood pressure

C. Anti bacterial properties

D. Reduces inflammation

E. Fights fatigue

F. Curbs cholesterol

G. Builds immunity

H. Relieves gastric upset.

    Vedic Himalayan Green Tea Naturally Detox Your Body

    Ingredients inside it

    • Tulsi

    • Turmeric

    • Ashwagandha


    What is Vedic Himalayan Green Tea?

    Vedic himalayan green tea is a blend of green tea, turmeric , cardamom, ashwagandha , tulsi, peppermint, stevia is a high quality tea known for its exceptional flavor and health benefits

    What are the health benefits of Vedic Himalayan?

    1. Helps with weight loss
    2. Reduces the risk of high blood pressure
    3. Antibacterial properties
    4. Reduces inflammation
    5. Fights fatigue
    6. Curbs cholesterol
    7. Builds immunity

    Is it safe for pregnant women and children to drink this tea?

    Vedic Himalayan tea is generally considered safe for pregnant women and children in moderate amounts as part of a healthy diet. However, the safety and efficacy of ashwagandha in pregnancy and for children are not well established, and it is not recommended to consume it without consulting a healthcare provider.

    Does the tea contain any artificial ingredients or flavors?

    No, it is made from 100% natural ingredients.

    Can I consume this tea before bedtime or will it affect my sleep pattern?

    The effect of drinking Vedic Himalayan tea before bedtime on sleep patterns can vary depending on the individual.

    While green tea contains some caffeine, which can interfere with sleep in some people,    the amount is generally low and may not have a significant impact on most people. However, if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine or have trouble sleeping, it may be best to avoid consuming these teas before bed.